About Be Greater Consulting


Insights driven marketing focused on ROI

  • We help clients understand who their customers are by providing insights that come from research. Firms are able to uncover the answers to what they’ve always wanted to know about their customers, from demographic to psychographic to understanding customer perceptions of your company or brand.
  • The learnings from these insights helps create more effective marketing communication that reaches your consumer and addresses their needs.
  • In turn, this helps clients create a smarter spend that is refined to the target market.

Testing and recommendations

  • Once we understand the target market, we test messaging and offers against a control to optimize content.
  • Other operational opportunities are often discovered from the research as well. These operational efficiencies can be adopted immediately to increase productivity.
  • Marketing programs can also be created during this stage that specifically aim at reaching consumers and growing sales.

Marketing strategy and planning

  • After understanding consumer needs and testing within the market, a refined marketing strategy comes together to meet the clients goals and objectives long term.
  • BtoB, BtoC and/or internal communication plans are incorporated into the strategy that address both internal and external branding.
  • This portion includes a budget and a comprehensive plan  that speaks to goals, objectives, strategies and tactics.


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